The end of traditional pathology is coming. The global cancer burden is on the rise, the number of pathologists is shrinking, and many laboratories are unprepared for the pressures ahead. Their pathologist case load is full, reimbursements are dropping, and the expectation for precision medicine is quickly rising.

These challenges are amplified by the sobering fact that pathology is still a mostly subjective field.

Cancer diagnosis hinges on the practice of pathology, relying on human interpretations of patterns and morphology. The process is slow, error-prone, and largely unaided by technical innovations that have helped propel modern medicine into the 21st century.

But a new kind of pathology — powered by AI — will take labs beyond the limits of the microscope and human sight.

These new labs will augment what their pathologists can see and do — elevating their role in an era of increasingly personalized medicine to consistently deliver a higher quality of care.

They will unlock the data hidden deep within — and among — biopsy slides, unearthing new insights that drive research and improve the treatment patients receive.

At the forefront of digital and computational pathology, these labs will leverage the scalable power of AI, streamlining operations and changing what’s possible in the business of pathology.

Forward-thinking laboratories and the patients they serve will be the real winners.

By realizing the promise of digital and computational pathology with the use of intelligent software and machine learning, some labs will be in position to pursue limitless possibilities for their business, customers, and patients.

Other labs won’t survive. Laboratories that hesitate to embrace the era of data-driven medicine will be left behind.

Proscia was founded to reinvent how cancer is diagnosed with an arsenal of AI technology that goes beyond the limits of the human mind. We’ve seen the growing impact of cancer, and we’re giving traditional pathology labs the means to outpace it.

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