Automatically classify hundreds of variants of skin diseases. DermAI is the first in a series of artificial intelligence modules for Concentriq® that can drive quality and efficiency in your dermatopathology lab today.

Case sorting and prioritization

Prior to pathologist review, DermAI can automatically prioritize and assign cases to ensure high-impact cases are always reviewed first.


Quality review of every case with AI

Enable DermAI classification before or after pathologist review for an AI review of 100% of your lab’s cases, helping you prevent costly mistakes.


Enhance interaction with dermatologists

AI classification can enhance reporting to dermatologists on global and TC/PC split cases, and drive confident dermatologist review of cases.

Our customers are doing more with DermAI

See how Concentriq users are already advancing their pathology practice and turning the lab of the future into today’s reality.

Proven in the real world

Validated in the largest pathology AI study to date and deployed at some of the nation’s most well-regarded dermatopathology labs, DermAI has effectively driven results in a variety of lab workflows and environments.

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Cockerell Dermatopathology
Skin Cancer and Dermatology Institute
University of Florida

Is your lab ready for DermAI?

If your lab has implemented whole slide imaging, Proscia invites you to join the select group of labs powered by DermAI. Not sure if your lab is ready? Learn more about Concentriq, our digital pathology software platform.

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