As remote collaboration becomes increasingly critical in today’s pathology labs, digital pathology is improving effectiveness for academic medical centers, educational institutions, and commercial research organizations unlike ever before. To help you understand what digital pathology means for your lab, we’ve teamed up with Hamamatsu and Dr. Michael Feldman of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for a webinar hosted by the Pathologist.

Join us on December 11 at 11 am EST for “Effective Pathology Collaboration in an Increasingly Digital World.” Our own Ashley Murgatroyd, Product Manager, will join forces with Doug Stapleton, Field Service Manager at Hamamatsu and Dr. Michael Feldman, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, to explore how hardware and software advancements are enabling labs to:

- Remotely collaborate in real time with sites around the world
- Incorporate pathology information in new, meaningful ways across organizations
- Better execute large-scale programs as a result of simplifying the overall process

Click here to register and secure your spot today. We look forward to seeing you there. If you can’t attend, register anyway, and we’ll be sure to send you the recording.