As global population increases, the burden of diseases and the need for targeted diagnoses and therapy becomes increasingly significant. As Individual-focused, patient centric care becomes the core mission of many healthcare organizations, pathologists are consequently tasked with addressing some of the most complex disease conditions at a much faster turnaround time. In this new paradigm, Commercial Diagnostic Laboratories (CDL) are becoming the new ideal service providers in helping shape the diagnostic market, while decreasing turnaround time and digital pathology is often one of their biggest allies.

A core advantage of CDLs is to leverage technology to operate lean while being successful; digital pathology is one of the key technologies that enable these labs to stay lean while driving new businesses. Digitization of glass slides has been done for decades. Overtime, advancements in slide scanning have significantly improved, enabling high speed digitization of glass slides while scanning at multiple magnifications and focal planes. Rapid digitization – when coupled with image analysis and artificial intelligence - has incentivized CDLs to leverage these technological advances in driving business growth while maintaining operational efficiencies. As our team at Proscia embarks on its journey in bringing artificial intelligence to pathology, the potential applications of this technology are both exciting and concerning at the same time.

Many CDLs are already digitizing their slides for a variety of purposes, from archiving, secondary consults, connecting patients to clinical trials, biomarker-specific testing for “personalized medicine”, immunohistochemistry verification or to simply share images with clinicians. A solid return on investment is crucial for the adoption of digital pathology at CDLs of any size, and these use cases justify going digital.

As a digital pathology platform company with applications across the clinical (non-primary diagnosis), research, and education markets, Proscia is transforming the economics of laboratory operations to see a better ROI in going digital and maintain a lean operation by using our platform. Proscia’s platform is modular, flexible, and scalable, ensuring that it fits a broad range of CDL workflows. My colleague Alex and I will be hosting a brief, fifteen (15) minute webinar demonstrating how our platform can be utilized in your laboratory on May 30th, followed by Q&A session to address any of your laboratory specific questions. Make sure to join us there!

A little bit about me. I first looked at a histology slide while I was a graduate student at New Mexico State University studying pathogenesis in a Squid (Eurprymna tasmanica) bacteria (Vibrio Fischeri) model. This curiosity and the interest in understanding the relationship between the host and the pathogen led me into a career in diagnostic pathology as a scientist. Over the years, I have had the fortune to work with some of the most amazing pathologists, researchers and program managers as peers and also as a vendor. This experience has given me a good understanding on why we as an industry should should work along these thought leaders and evangelists to overcome burdens traditionally associated with new technology and facilitate the adoption of digital pathology.

Thanks for reading my blog. I can’t wait to see you on my webinar to answer any questions and get to know you and your lab better.