So much has happened in the world of Proscia since I last wrote.

In case you missed it, last week we announced a major partnership with one of the largest dermatopathology laboratories in the country. This agreement provides Proscia with access to pathology slides and data for a variety of dermatological disease states. As a result, Proscia is uniquely positioned to launch the industry’s first comprehensive dermatopathology-specific computational pathology suite by the end of the year. This suite will be implemented as a new module of the Proscia platform currently being used by thousands of pathologists and researchers.

Helping us achieve this expansion are two exciting new additions to the Proscia machine-learning team, who join the brilliant group of people working at Proscia that I have the privilege of working with every day. Our dedicated team in conjunction with Proscia’s expert advisors from the top medical centers in the country put us at the forefront of this unprecedented time in health technology.

Julianna Ianni joins the Proscia team from Vanderbilt University, where she received her PhD in biomedical engineering. Julianna has more than 10 years of experience in medical informatics and is an expert in machine-learning for image acquisition and analytics. While at Vanderbilt, Julianna worked in developing algorithms for optimization of image reconstruction and radiofrequency pulse design. She has presented her work at international conferences and published in the top journals, including Psychopathology and Magnetic Resonance Medicine. Julianna is thrilled to join Proscia as a Deep Learning Engineer and is excited to add her skills to the mix to see what the team can accomplish.

Rajath Soans joined the Proscia team in early 2018 from Drexel University, where he received his PhD in electrical engineering. Rajath has extensive experience in image analysis and machine learning and feels interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex medical problems through medical image analysis has a huge potential to make significant impacts in the field. Rajath has previously worked at the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co analyzing histology images with a specific focus on tumor cell identification and classification. We are honored that Rajath has chosen Proscia as his next venture and are confident his expertise will help us in achieving our mission.

In addition to boosting our machine-learning team, we also have brought on a full-time Sales Executive to support the expansion. Don Ariyakumar joins the sales team to spearhead Proscia sales and partnerships on the West Coast. Don comes from Philips Healthcare, a powerhouse in the healthcare space, bringing 5 years in the digital pathology market. We are so honored to have him on the team.

Lastly, I want to extend a huge thank you to our talented team for their dedication and passion in achieving Proscia’s mission, and most importantly, to all of who have continued to believe in us and support us.