Last month, Proscia’s Chief Scientific Officer Hunter Jackson gave a 50-minute presentation at NVIDIA’S GPU Technology Congress in D.C. The presentation focused on Proscia’s artificial intelligence software and deep learning applications that are addressing problems in the clinic and informing disease diagnosis and treatment.

Some key highlights from his presentation include:

• How pathology departments and translational research centers have amassed invaluable data and untapped information in the form of glass slides

• The two paradigms by which AI is being applied to pathology: automation and augmentation

• The enabling and essential role that digital pathology has played the application of AI in the clinic

• The software Proscia is developing, with the help of clinical partners and computing infrastructures provided by NVIDIA, and how it’s being embedded with deep learning powered tools with the ability to change the way we diagnose and treat cancer

• The specific use of AI by Proscia to adjust for variability in staining, one of the fundamental sources of variability in pathology

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